Who Are We?

We are VoIP8, a competitive contender with the intention of bringing your bills down. We want to help your business grow and provide you with professional services that help keep you looking professional.

User Friendly

Most VoIP systems are overcomplicated, here at VoIP8 we can do the changes for you and if you want to, our portal (coming soon) will allow you to change relevant details easily.

No Hidden Fees

All the pricing you see is all we will ever charge, there are no hidden extra requirements or fees with our services.


Most VoIP systems require network changes to work, our system is plug and play. Let it do the heavy lifting for you while you enjoy our services.

What sets us apart?

Here at VoIP8 we want to stir things up in the industry by providing services at a price long thought impossible with quality and features in mind.


Compared to other providers we won't be beat for the quality.

Local Support

All our staff are UK based so no language barriers.

Speedy Setup

All our services are fast to get set up and get you going.

Here to Talk

We are always here to talk if you run into any issues.

Our Solutions

VoIP Phones

Flexible VoIP Platform

Our In-House VoIP platform was built with users in mind, it can handle any configuration you want to do and our support team will be able to help with any queries.

Website Hosting Servers

Website Hosting

All websites need to be hosted somewhere, and we thought what better than to offer this to our customers. We can also supply your domains as well!

Contact Us

Our specialists are always available to help with any queries and questions. If you have any you can either use the chat icon in the bottom right of the screen, or fill in the form below and a representative will respond back to you.