Our Platform Features

We don't want to conform to everyone else. We want to stand out with market leading features that help companies save money and evolve beyond the limitations of other platforms

No NAT Issues

Plug and Play setup. No more router configuration required

C/TPS Detection

We have built in a C/TPS checker to make your GDPR compliance just that little bit easier

Multi-Platform Support

Whether you use a Desk Phone, Desktop or Mobile. Our platform works with them all

Custom In-House Development

The platform was built from the ground up by us, meaning we can evolve it to fit your needs.

Pre-Configured Hardware

If you order a phone with us with an Extension/Seat we will configure it for you before we ship it out. Meaning all you need to do is plug it in

Out of the Box Config

As soon as you order and pay for your services they will be setup automatically, giving you access to the details as well as a softphone setup for immediate use


Fully secure Email sent straight from our server, TLS signed, ensures it will get to your inbox. No more "did it get lost". Don't forget to check the spam folder


Still in its early stages, as we add more features the phones with us will be updated remotely to support and allow these features.

IPv6 Support

With everyone starting to use IPv6 we thought it best to implement this, so when you make the shift you won't need to change anything.


Bringing security to the forefront of our platform. All of our Desk Phones transmit the Extension login details to our platform securely.


Not only are the login details sent securely, but now our Desk Phones also send their communications securely too. Protection against snoopers.

Security Blocks

Let's say someone tries to login with incorrect Credentials, their information will get permanently banned automatically, to override needs manual action by us.

Call Recordings

Automatic call recordings enabled by default and stored by default for 6 months.


Allow us and our professional voice actors to do your announcements from a script you provide or provide a recording yourself and we will put it on.


We have built our own auto-dialler to allow end users to comply completely with UK laws and we look forward to adding more features as users request them.

Features In Development

We are constantly working to make everyones jobs easier, as such we want to keep our customers in the loop as to what we are doing to help their businesses

Address Book

Saving numbers with names can allow you to see who's calling in, especially handy if you have a reception service

Customer Config Portal

We have been working on this platform for many years and making an interface has been our top priority, the issues are trying to make it user friendly