Website Hosting

Simple pricing, expandable solution

Our Website Hosting Service Allows you to get your presence on the internet easily and quickly.

No Minimum Commitment (Unlike other services)
Built in Website Builder free of charge
Unlimited Emails
Starting at £1 per month for 1GB space
£1 per 1GB extra used

Websites are a great way to get your business known as well as just having a presence. Whether you have a single page or an entire blog you will need a place to put it.

Normally from other suppliers these services cost a fortune just for some space, but we believe that we have come up with a solution tailered perfectly for all people and all sizes of website.

Along with our great offer we also have industry leading technology powering this service, so if you have used any website host before then you will already know how to use our system. We use cPanel to ensure our customers and their data remain safe.

If you want to save some money then you can use the storage space utilisation feature in our platform to see where you are using the most space. Then you can remove any unnecessary files and save space, hence saving you money.